6 Important Points To Know About Surge Protectors

Surge protectors are very important when we need to protect our electronic instrument or device from rendam power spike damage.

Here we are discussing 6 must-know points about surge protectors.

Think when you watch TV show and electric spike damage your $1,000 TV or other instrument.

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what you feel now?.

This is a very bad thing that can be happened with us if we are not using any surge protectors.

Every instrument must be secured with surge protectors so let’s start to explore those points about surge protectors.

1.Surge protectors are not power strips only:-


We know that both are looking same surge protectors and power strips. Both called suppressors but they are different.

Actually power strips are cheap and expansion of a wall outlet but they don’t offer any real protection from electric spike.

Surge products are also cheap and they provide a high level of protection against power spikes to your electronic device.

So surge protectors are are security guard of your electronic device.

2. Note note down their capacity (joules ):

Surge protectors, Protection capacity aur amount called joules.

Normally higher amount of joules means The protector can handle large amount of spike.

Surge Protector device

So when you buy a surge protector mast note down its surge capacity which will be shown in joule unit.

Higher amount of joule means higher amount of capacity of security to your device.

3.Protection warranty:

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Surge protector companies providing warranty on device failure like if your electronic equipment is damaged buy a spike while properly connected to power strip, company will repair it or replace your electronic device.

It means this is a win win situation where you get full refund of your loss.

4.Buy more outlet then you need, always:

Always try to buy more outlets because you don’t know when your outlet stop working.

Here I am not saying that you need five outlets,try to buy 7.

5. Spike can damage phone or data cable too.

Smart phone on charge

A small mistake lost your smartphone and you lost your connections.

6. Portable power Strip :

Portable power strip

Most hotels have few accessible outlets. We all have multiple devices that need recharging.

Most portable surge protectors add two to three additional outlets so that you can charge multiple device at anywhere.

So my friend my final points are- Save thousands of dollor by simple a 10 to $20 surge protector.